Are career counselling and guidance worth the cost

Are Career Counseling and College Admission Guidance worth the cost?

Are you having two thoughts regarding your career choice? It is normal to have second thoughts after making up your mind about your future academic course. Having not taken any big decision till a particular age and then suddenly asked to decide the stream of your life, it is quite natural to feel the pressure and uncertainty. Parents do not realize it, but career counseling and guidance can prove path-breaking for your child. It is also pivotal in lifting some of the burden off parents’ chests.

Are Admission Guidance and Career Counseling even needed?

Counseling is a perpetual process. It starts with helping an individual listen to his true calling and continues irrespective of time period because the challenges are never ending. It starts in its most initial form when a student stands at a crossroads and wonders about-

  • What to do after high school?
  • Which stream to study?
  • What college best caters to my academic needs?
  • Should I get an education loan?
  • Am I moving in the right direction?

Too many questions, very vague answers!

At such a stagnant juncture, the role of counselor or admission guide finds its true utility. Being a third party to the situation, a counselor can help the student with objectivity and a neutral perspective. Let us see how career counseling and college admission guide can help the students and parents-

Wipe out the unnecessary tension

Students these days are aware and their parents even more vigilant of opportunities that stand at the end of an academic course. However, the perspectives can clash and create unwanted tension. What parents can see might be totally foreign to the students and vice versa. The farsightedness might come across as shrewdness and create a rift. A counselor can provide the students with the real and bigger picture in such a scenario. The objectivity of a counselor can provide you unbiased insights, expertise and information to make the right decision.

Make you aware of your core strengths

Counselors are using various psychometric tests these days to back their judgment. These tests can actually bring out the strengths and weaknesses of the students at the forefront. By engaging with the students at multiple levels, a counselor works on identifying his vital areas and suggesting a career path that utilizes those strengths most fittingly.

Clear confusions regarding the admission process

Admission consulting is an effective tool for managing the stressful admission process. The admission process can be daunting and toll-taking for both students and parents. Proper counseling can ease the process by equipping students with confidence and parents with information, guidance and support. The dinner table discussion need not be about conflicting views on college search and the admission process. While an admission counselor takes care of the admission process, parents can have easier conversations with their children.

Help you develop the right strategies

Admission guides and Career Counselors not only clear the haze for you but also guide you by devising the right strategy to approach your goals. Choosing the right college, submitting the college applications timely, and meeting all the requisites can be taxing for the parents owing to their limited knowledge of the domain. Admission and career counselors can timeline all important events and help you approach them strategically without any hassle or haste.

Is Admission and Career Counseling worth the cost?

Yes! Every Penny!

If you think counseling is a pricey affair, it’s the right price to pay for all the benefits it brings along. The cost of counseling depends on where you live and the extent of guidance you require. The admission consultations can be availed on an hourly basis too. That way, you only pay for the time and services you have availed.

Think of it as a cost you pay to avoid unfavorable choices and bad decisions. Taking the expert’s help can prevent you from choosing the wrong college and ultimately from overspending or drowning in huge education loans.

Admission consultation and career counseling are effective aids for the parents to plan their finances. It aims at getting you through a tacky admission process debt free. The counselors’ expertise can help keep the debt down and save the parents from massive financial burden.

The expertise, knowledge and understanding they bring chalk out a perfect road for students to get their dream colleges and for parents to support their kins in every possible manner. With that on the plate, consultants are worth every penny you pay!

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