“The Future depends on what you do today”- Mahatma Gandhi

Career Counselling is indeed the need of the hour. With thousands of students passing out their Board Examinations every year, the most concerning phase remains the choice of an appropriate career.

There is no dearth of good career choices available globally, the main issue remains the unawareness of the entire gamut of available career options. A child tends to take up a career either due to family pressure or is forced to select one from the few career choices which he is exposed to.

It is the right of a student to be aware about the various career options available so that he/she can make informed decisions.

This is exactly where PR Career Solutions have come into being.

PRCS helps students discover and develop their educational, vocational and Psychological potentialities and thereby helps to achieve an optimal level of personal happiness and social usefulness.

We have a team of qualified expert counsellors who aim at discussing the matter and empowering the student to identify the true calling through powerful one-on-one sessions.
The expert counsellors at PR Career solutions dig into the root of the problems before identifying potential solutions. The counsellor also changes the viewpoint of the student or parent to help make the right decision or choose a course of action. Our Counsellors ensure the student and parents remain intuitive and positive in the future.

Our Career Counselling Services follow 3 strong steps to achieve the best Career Counselling results.

The 3 Step Process

  • Using 5-dimensional approach through advanced career assessment
  • One Hour session with student & parent to help them decide the right pathway.
  • Analyze test reports to generate proper counselling solutions.
  • Choose best fit college

  • Get best fit career insights
  • Doubt resolution with real life case studies

  • Select perfect career, course & College
  • Build career Plan
  • Accelerate your Career