Choice of Career

Always in Demand


Engineering is one of the most demanded career options for the youth in our country. Becoming an Engineer is like a dream not just for many aspirants but also for their families. With the wide range of specializations within the domain of Engineering, a student has the liberty to choose the subject combinations as per their aptitude. Specializations like Computer Science Engineering, Electronic & Communication Engineering, Sound Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Marine Engineering and many more can be extremely rewarding and would pave the way into some top companies around the world. PR Career Solutions help students to get admission into their dream Engineering college and fulfill their ambitions in the best possible way.


Medicine is one of the most prestigious and sought after career choices for students who have a keen interest in Science. With the increasing demand for medical practitioners across the globe and with increasing research & development happening in the field of medicine, the value for this career choice is rapidly increasing. The students can choose to specialize in General Surgery, General Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetetrics, Gynecology, Newrology, Opthalmology, Cardiology, Dermatology, etc. Entrance tests like NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is the main test to get into both private as well as Government Medical Colleges. PR Career Solutions provides appropriate guidance to its students to chosse the career option wisely and get admission into the best medical colleges

Hotel Management

The hospitality Industry is ever growing and the opportunities in this industry are highly lucrative and rewarding. The various fields under hotel management include hotel & restaurant management, cruise ship management, hospital administration, hotel and tourism association, airline catering and cabin services, club management, etc. One can apply for hotel management on the basis of an entrance exam followed by a personal interview. National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology conducts the leading entrance exam on a yearly basis. Premium hospitality chains like Taj, Oberoi and ITC have their own hospitality programs and separate selection criteria. There are also several private colleges and institutes, which have their own, entrance exams. PR Career Solutions ensures that the process of choosing this career and getting admission into the best college turns out to be a seamless process and turns out to be highly rewarding.


Students interested in making their career in Law learn some excellent advocacy skills, enabling them to argue in favor of any cause. Lawyers advise clients and provide solutions to legal issues at both private and public level. Students interested in making a career in law can either do a 5 years’ course straight after 12th class or a three-year law course after graduation in any discipline. After graduation one can further specialize by pursuing an LLM from an Indian or global university/college. People in the field of law, work at various corporate houses, law agencies, law firms, litigation, and administrative services amongst others. Today leading law firms are the most sought after destination for Law Graduates. PR Career Solutions offer expert guidance and assistance to select and get into the best Law colleges.


A Career in Management opens up a plethora of interesting opportunities to grow and earn. This is a highly rewarding career which also gives an edge to grasp the top leadership and managerial positions in most renowned organizations across the globe. With increasing competition in the field, huge number of colleges providing management related courses have mushroomed across the country offering traditional specializations such as Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations and Human Resources to the trending specializations like Health Care Management, Sports Management, Rural Management, Fashion Management etc. Students who are keen to take up management as a career option after class 12th can opt for BBA, BBS or BBM for developing a sound base in the field of management education. After graduation, one may opt for an MBA degree in a specialized field. Management is a career option which can also be pursued after almost any graduation degree such as Law, Engineering, Medicine, Social Sciences among others. With the advanced career Guidance of PR Career Solutions, the student can get into the best college without any hassles attached with the admission process.

Newest Career Choices

Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts is one of the trending and most lucrative career options for today’s generation. A liberal arts education challenges one to consider not only how to solve problems, but also would provide training to ask which problems to solve and why, preparing for positions of leadership and a life of service to the nation and all of humanity. By exploring issues, ideas and methods across the humanities and the arts, and the natural and social sciences, a student will learn to read critically, write cogently and think broadly. These skills will elevate conversation skills in the classroom and strengthen social and cultural analysis; It will cultivate the tools necessary to navigate the world’s most complex issues. PR Career Solutions have successfully counselled students to choose this extremely rewarding career as an option and have assisted them for a smooth admission experience.

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking has turned out to be an extremely rewarding choice of career. With the increasing interest in Cyber Security and internet protection laws, this field of specialization has gained tremendous momentum. An Ethical Hacker’s role is a proactive one as they prevent cybercrimes and protect cyberspace from intrusion. They ensure data security and protect computer systems from illegal hacking activities. It is more like identifying the weak point in the network and gaining access to the devices connected to the system. Ethical hacking is generally done by a company or an individual to check the strength of IT security. The individual or a team which conducts it is known as ‘Ethical Hackers.’ The information retrieved from it can be used by the company to gap the differences and make their network even stronger. A prompt counselling session with the expert team of PR Career Solutions can help answer most of your queries and can also assist in getting into the best fit college for the said specialization.

Media & Communication

With media communication taking up the spotlight, there is immense scope for students. This field offers challenges and opportunities for those looking for work in unconventional areas. The Indian media industry is growing rapidly and creating a place for itself in international markets too. Film, television, advertising and public relations have witnessed a remarkable growth in last few years. With the appearance of the internet, other areas have popped up like digital marketing and content writing. In fact, media is one of the most powerful tools to educate people and even bring about behavioral changes. A career in this field offers ample job opportunities and growth. One can choose a specialization as Journalism, Public Relations, Branding Professional, Script Writing, Event Management, Content Writing, etc. PR Career solutions has helped a number of Media & Communication aspirants choose this choice of career and get successful.


Designing is a career choice which has highly evolved recently and is in constant look out for trained and skilled people. It embodies many sub fields within it and is further divided into many specializations. Careers in design has a vast scope and there is continuous demand for people who are artistic as well as friendly with new techniques of designing world. Design involves specialization in fashion design, Interior Design, Jewellery Design, Textile design, transportation Design and many others. Web Design, Robotic Design and Sound Design also serve as lucrative career choices. The team at PR Career solutions help aspirants to get a clear mindset to opt such rewarding careers and help them sail throgh the admission processes smoothly.

Applied Arts

Careers in the applied arts are incredibly satisfying jobs that require creativity, good problem-solving skills, and attention to detail. They also offer opportunities for advancement in many careers due to their need for advanced skills. Applied Arts is the art of producing objects, which are aesthetic, utilitarian and also easy to use for people. Hence, these artists apply creative arts to practical use. It is about combining artistic vision with commercial need. Work of an applied artist can be seen in most basic objects such as table, chair, utensils and also in complex objects like smart phones, microwave, food processor amongst many others. Applied arts is often confused with fine arts. Fine Arts forms the basis for applied arts but it requires much more than that. Various fields in applied arts include graphic arts, architecture, industrial designing, decorative arts, jewelry, photography etc. With the expert guidance of PR Career Solutions, one can get into the best college in Applied Arts and can complete the admission process seamlessly.