Liberal Arts- The Next Big Thing

Liberal Arts-The most trending career choice

Liberal Arts has emerged as the most trending career choice for today’s youth in India.
In the words of Ms. Raksha Kejriwal, Founder & CEO PR Career Solutions, ” Liberal Arts is the next big thing in the education Industry. With the liberty to choose from a wide range of subject combinations, this stream is apt for students who are looking for an extremely successful career coupled with chiselled analytical skills.”

The youth today look for a career option which can offer a global perspective to their education and Liberal Arts fulfils this requirement just perfectly. Right from the former President of USA Mr. Barack Obama to the CEO of You Tube Susan Wojcicki, all studied Humanities and Liberal Arts in their formative years thus opening up a new outlook to the world- the importance of creative and analytical thinking in today’s dynamic era.

Liberal Arts is the need of the hour. It is a program which helps students diversify their knowledge and apply it in various domains. This multidisciplinary approach helps students in acquiring the right skills and values which make them more employable than most of their counterparts. Critical thinking, communications, leadership and public service will make its graduates highly employable and very attractive to potential employers and post-graduate programmes.

All the large companies across the globe are now hiring candidates having critical analysis and creative skills along with their regular educational degree. Liberal Arts so far has emerged as the topmost choice for most aspirants who want the freedom to choose from their desired and appropriate subject options. A combined amalgamation of Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences and various other forms of Science, Liberal arts offers a wider spectrum of subject combinations. This leads to development of strong analytical thinking as well as problem solving skills which is demanded by even the multi-national companies as the core skill for every candidate,

Talking about its scope in India, Liberal Arts as a specialization is offered by some of the topmost universities like Ashoka University, FLAME University,KREA, Symbiosis University of Liberal Arts, Jindal School of Liberal Arts to name a few. The subject options can be as diverse as Psychology, Economics, Public relations with computer science and finance. Such diverse combinations make students critical thinkers and problem solvers thereby providing them with a new outlook of life.

Therefore, looking into the increasing scope of Liberal Arts, it undoubtedly has become the most demanded career option. However, since it is comparatively a newer discipline, right career counselling and proper admission guidance can help thousands of students fulfil their dream.

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