The Admission Hysteria- How counsellors and admission guides are solving this.

Just as the Board exams get over, the anxiety and excitement to get into the best college looms large on every student of the country.
This stress is real- not just for the students but also for their parents. The ever-increasing competition to get into the best college and scarcity of seats always pose a challenge amongst the student fraternity.

The Race is eternal. But the question here is how valid the race actually is?

Admission hysteria is logical as everyone wants the best college, but the stress could be easily overcome through correct career counselling and end-to-end admission guidance and support”.

The students’ struggle coupled with the money outflow from pockets of parents generally happen because of a few platonic reasons-

1) Students tend to choose the same college as their friends thereby sacrificing their real career calling and passion. This leads to unnecessary stress in times to come as only deserving candidates sail through while the others lag behind.

2) Parents tend to choose a college from where more famous people have passed out thereby neglecting their child’s actual potential and goals.

3) Students also tend to choose a location first and then compromise with the college solely to be in that location. This does not help them in any personal development in times to come.

4) Students tend to follow the herd mentality and end up answering a sea of competitive exams without even knowing where their actual interest lies. This invites tremendous psychological torment to the student in case they can’t clear the exams or can’t get a good rank.

5) Parents often force their children to opt for colleges which have the best ranking. This causes quite a lot of stress for both parents and students as choosing a college based on such factors can turn out to be quite an issue later on in life if it can’t do justice to the child’s capabilities.

With thousands of colleges and hundreds of subject streams emerging in the last few years, it’s a mammoth task for students and parents to select colleges based on the appropriate criteria and then complete the numerous formalities for getting admission all by themselves.

Therefore, career counselling followed by complete admission Guidance & Support is the need of the hour. All students & Parents need to do is sit back and relax while the admission experts help the child in identifying his/her true interest & potential and also help in completing the entire admission process.

Seeking admissions abroad has also been made easy as these experts help the students in every step till, they actually settle down happily in their new location.

PR Career Solution has been making lives easy for students and parents for almost two decades now. Students and parents take a big sigh of relief the moment they reach out to PRCS Experts. Selection of the appropriate stream like Engineering, Management, Law, Liberal Arts, Humanities, Medical or more trending fields like Fashion, Designing, Gaming and many such combinations which even the students are unaware of, PRCS experts offer the best and the most informed guidance.

Also getting admissions into Top Colleges is no longer a hassle with the expert admission guidance of Team PRCS.

Ms Raksha Kejriwal recalls, ” It’s amazing to help the budding minds achieve what they desire for. The greatest joy is when a student identifies his true interest and we help them get into the dream college smoothly. This hassle-free experience often leaves parents teary-eyed with joy seeing their children so happy”

The Admission Hysteria can easily be a bygone experience. It’s time to make admissions fun, exciting and the happiest phase of a student’s life.

“Reach out to an admission guide today and make your life simple.”

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